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Layaway Installment plans

What is Layaway Payment Plan?

Layaway is an installment plan to pay for your purchase, we set aside your jewelry and deliver it when it’s fully paid.


The price of gold has been continually rising for the past months; chances are the price of wedding bands will go up. If you are planning to get married or get engaged in the next few months, but do not have enough money to buy the ring yet, a layaway payment plan will be the best fit for you. You will be able to freeze the price up to the term of your layaway plan which could be from 3 months with a maximum of 6 months. Layaway plans allows you to lock in the price of the item for as long as the layaway term. And at any given time, you can pay off the balance and will ship the item within 48 hours.

How it Works

Layaway makes it easy for you to buy the engagement ring and wedding bands that you want by paying for them through manageable monthly payments that you set.  Wedding Rings Depot will send you an Paypal invoice on your monthly recurring payments and you will receive your order once it's paid in full. 

1. Register

It’s quick, easy and FREE! All you need is an active Paypal account. No credit check required! 

2. Shop

Select the items you want and email us your billing address, and contact information, choose the type of shipping, and enter any coupon codes you have.

3. Make Payments

Payments are made using your Paypal account.

4.Receive Products

Receive the product shortly after your last payment. The best part, it’s paid in full... NO DEBT.

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