Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Lovely Beach Wedding & Ring

We cannot get enough of Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps gorgeous beach wedding. Her dress perfectly matched her style and Phelps’ looks as happy as can be. It seemed to be an intimate wedding, with a fair size of family members and friends at a beach destination in Cabo, Mexico.

michael phelps wedding

Michael Phelps showed his love for Nicole by posting this beautiful image of them walking down the aisle and captioning “My Best Friend… I Love You.”

nicole phelps wedding

And another stunning picture of the happy couple on the beach during sunset.

If you didn’t get a glimpse of her engagement ring, well here’s another recap of her stunning piece.

nicole ring

With that dress and that destination, this has made our top list for chic and simple, classic weddings.

We can’t pass up a great love story.

“Dancing With The Stars” Surprise Engagement Proposal! (Sasha Farber & Emma Slater)

Tuesday nights are all about amazing dancing and great performances on Dancing With The Stars. This Tuesday night went above and beyond when we were part of such a special moment in two dancers lives. At the end of their performance Sasha Farber took over the show by surprising us all and getting down on one knee to propose, to long time girlfriend, Emma Slater.  After pulling out a gorgeous asscher shaped sapphire with a diamond halo, a stunning engagement ring, Slater without hesitation said yes!

asscher ring sapphire wedding rings depot

We wish the best to the newlyweds and if you missed this beautiful moment or just want to replay it check it out here. “Dancing With The Stars Proposal.”

dwts proposal dancing with the stars

Who doesn’t love a good romantic dance story.


The Perfect Nail Polish to Match Your Wedding Ring

Wedding Season is here! You’re either planning for your future wedding or you’re finalizing the last details for your wedding day. Wearing the right nail polish is as important as wearing the perfect pair of heels. Throughout the day family and friends will be wanting to see and awe at your amazing engagement and wedding ring, so it only makes sense that your nail color compliments your ring. Not only will it make your ring stand out but add a pop of color and give a personal touch to your wedding outfit.

In the olden day’s white nail polish or French nails were the wedding appropriate colors to wear, but those rules have long been changed. From bright colors to dark tones the spectrum of choices for your wedding nails are as endless as your diamond colors.


yellow canary diamond fancy yellow nail polish

The summer season doesn’t necessarily call for an over the top color. A light Canary Yellow tone, will tie in with your Fancy yellow diamond ring perfectly.

engagement ring rose gold pink nails

The Soft Pink nail polish has become a signature collection color for modern day weddings, and we completely agree with the choice. This tone will completely match your rose gold diamond engagement ring. Giving your look an elegant and gentle touch of color that is too beautiful to pass.

green nails emerald

This deep green nail polish will give you an extra pop of color to match your bold emerald green ring. A rich color that displays adventure and romance, leaving no doubt that this is your special day.

Whether its picking your nail polish or wedding ring, always make sure that it is exactly what you dreamed of.  To create your own dream wedding ring or search from our vast selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, visit our site at Wedding Rings Depot.

How to Care for Your Ring 101.

Caring for your wedding band or engagement ring is an important part in maintaining their longevity. Of course, we all no the main tips are to not drop it or bang it against anything,  safe storage and regular cleaning. But aside from that we will go into more depth and provide inside information, to help you ensure your precious ring lasts you a life time.

Wedding rings and wheat

Here are some easy steps to take and ensure the best care for your ring.

  • Store your wedding bands in a dry, safe place, separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Always properly insure your wedding rings.
  • Clean your wedding bands periodically with a jewelry solution or chemically treated jewelry cloth.
  • Avoid wearing your wedding ring when doing yard work, cleaning, etc.
  • Avoid contact between any harsh chemicals and your wedding band rings as they may cause some discoloration.

Those are your every day tips you can take.

In the long term make sure you take into consideration these steps:

  • Have your band rings professionally cleaned every so often as well as a professional polish every once in a while. (When you see that your wedding rings doesn’t have the same luster and shine, it sometimes need some professional cleaning.)

We offer free jewelry cleaning to all our customers*

  • Look into ring restoration! (A couple of years into proudly wearing your wedding or engagement ring, it is only natural that your ring may get dull. No worries we can bring back that shine and restore it to its original form with a ring restoration.)

Quick and Easy Procedure

  • Re-Sizing Your Ring (After a few years you may realize that your wedding ring/ band doesn’t seem to fit, the same. Make sure it isn’t just a one time weight gain or loss, because as humans we all have our ups & downs. This way you aren’t spending unnecessary money.) Extra Tip: It is always easier to size up a ring than size down. Some rings such as;Titanium, Stainless Steel and Tungsten cannot be re-sized.

Taking as many steps as you can to care for ring will be while worth it in the long run.


Any Questions or concerns on how to care for your rings email or contact us.

Marry Your College Sweetheart…On A Budget!

Everyone knows Mr. And Ms. Smug-Couple on campus. They are the ones that met on their second term, probably during a lecture, spent all their time in each other’s rooms and by the second year they were joined at the hip. Come finals they are helping each other with their essays and by senior year they are ready to tie the knot…yes you heard me right that couple everyone knows is now engaged!

The thought of moving forward with this beautiful wedding is exciting, romantic and well…very expensive! How are two deeply in love college sweethearts (that can barely make ends meet) going to afford to put on this colossal party, let alone purchase a perfect wedding ring?! Well we have good news for you. It IS affordable!!

When choosing a ring you will forever cherish and that ties you to one another it does not have to be over the top.  It is merely a symbol of emotions and promises involving love, commitment and honor. With that being said you do not need to purchase a 5 carat gold band. You do have other affordable options. From stainless steel, to tungsten and even sterling silver we can get you set up with a remarkable ring anywhere from $20 and up! You even have the choice to customize it any way you like. So this means you get the look you love, for the price you want. And to a college student this is music to their ears.

Shopping around for the perfect ring takes time and that’s why we are here to help. We have cheap options available for you at any price. So now you can marry your soul mate on any budget, even if you are still trying to figure out how to pay for your college tuition. Wedding Rings Depot has you covered!

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

You just found the perfect girl. You want everything to fall right into place before the big day comes along. You want the perfect ring on your wedding day. So you scour the whole web and visited all the major jewelry shops where you are. Visiting one jewelry shop means limiting your choices to what that shop has to offer, not to mention the time limit you have while staying in that store.

Thankfully, there are legitimate online wedding ring stores to choose from, for the most important occasion of your life. Whether you prefer diamond encrusted rings or a plain classic wedding band, there is a ring that’s right for you and your bride. So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to beat the traffic. Just shop at the comfort of your own home and visit  Wedding Rings Depot.

Major Gold Buyer Close Shop After Cheating Thousands

Top dollar for your gold! A phrase we often hear at TV and radio commercials.

During these tough times more people are cashing in their gold, thinking they are getting the full value for their jewelry?

A major gold buyer that earned millions of dollars shutdown after a CBS investigation revealed their illegal practice, victimizing thousand of customer across the country.

The probe by a CBS Station discovered one of the largest gold-buying operations in the country under, THR & Associates, promises “top dollar,” but offers just “pennies” on the dollar. And this is happening across the country.
Following the reports of six CBS stations across the U.S., THR and Associates has shut down and is currently the focus of several state and federal investigations, watch this clip from CBS:

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