1.80 T.C.W. Channel Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

This beautiful wedding ring set in  18K rose gold with 1.80 total carats of diamonds, this is a 3 piece set has an engagement ring, diamond wedding band for the bride and groom.  the side princess diamonds are channel set that matches all three rings. The center stone of the engagement ring is mounted on a floral design with a oval shape diamond on the center.

1.80 TCW Channel Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets
Exclusively available in Wedding Rings Depot

The diamonds the were used to created this magnificent piece are all examined and graded  to be at least G-H in color and clarity of SI, or with a slight inclusion, which is hardly seen by the naked eye.  The center stone can be changed to a bigger carat as per customer’s request for an additional fee.

Rose gold is a contemporary jewelry color, very popular, the gold alloy used in the trio set is an 18K Rose Gold with an approximate metal combination  of 75% Gold , 22.25% Copper, 2.75%  Silver.  This is a nickel free alloy.

This 1.80 TCW channel rose gold wedding ring set is exclusively priced at $3,199.99 and it’s only available at wedding rings depot.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Being a huge fan of weddings and all the romance surrounding it, I love the idea of having matching wedding bands. Not only does it look cute, but the rings also complement each other. This set in particular is absolutely gorgeous. I adore the sloping diamond line in the lower ring and how in contrast, the upper ring is totally dramatic. The upper band has two wedding bands joined together to give it extra depth and the flower like diamond on the top makes it utterly feminine. Diamonds and gold look fabulous together and this ring is appropriate for any couple.

This ring, if bought now, can save you up to a staggering 43% of the total cost and it doesn’t get any better than this. Such an offer should not be ignored. This beautiful set has been made from 14K of solid gold with a metal purity of around 58.5%. For this set, round diamonds have been used and the ring has been designed for a comfort fit with a smooth and sleek interior to boost comfort level. This set consists of a men’s wedding band, one for the woman and a third engagement band, all available under $1100.

Wedding ring sets- get your perfect one!

Wedding ring sets symbolize the perfect union of a couple and it also has a lot of emotional and needless to say price value to it. Make sure to buy the set which you like the most irrespective of its cost, because it will not even cost a penny daily according to your lifetime. Wedding ring sets are perfect to buy because the designs for the males and females are compatible and complementary to each other. The designs are made for each other just like the couple who will adorn them on their fingers. Generally a wedding ring set comes with a pair of wedding rings and a wedding band or two wedding bands respectively. You can change the configuration of the wedding ring set if you like to and have a customized wedding set instead.

Wedding rings sets need to be selected just like any other piece of jewellery. Some wedding sets have a different design for each, but then that is more expensive and it doesn’t seem to be right for the couple. But certain things need to be kept in mind like the durability and quality factor as it needs to be worn everyday. Like you can have a plain gold ring set in 14 or 19 carats or a 24 carat pure gold also. The 24 carat is not preferred as it very prone to scratches and requires a lot of maintenance. A platinum ring set could be very good because the metal is very much in trend and will remain so for the coming years too, and most importantly the quality is very good and it can actually last a lifetime. Another upcoming trend is the use of two tone metals like gold and silver or platinum.
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