Two Tone Celtic Wedding Band

Celtic patterns and designs have an extra edge, a certain quality about them that attracts you and makes you want to possess it. Put the pattern on a ring and what do you get? A beautiful and breathtaking wedding band that has been carefully designed to enhance aesthetic quality, and to make it look ethereal. For me this ring has it all and I would love to buy it. I absolutely love the intricate Celtic pattern and how it has been in gold to give it dual tone. The two tone wedding bands are very much in vogue nowadays and are production is increasing as well. This ring looks beautiful because of the two tone design as well.

This particular ring is priced at $599.99 and can save you around 42% as well. This wedding band is around 8 mm and makes use of the metal type of gold with a massive 75% of gold purity. It is a comfort fit which means that it has been designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort for the wearer by smoothing the surface as well as the interior. Even the edges have been rounded off to provide that extra comfortable element.

Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Rings

This ring is very creatively designed, keeping in mind the Celtic culture and values. This 18K wedding band is two toned with a white gold base which has a very interesting twisted wires design. 6mm in width, this ring is perfect for either men or women and will look good on both genders. The uniqueness of this design and its complicated and intricate work is what adds to the overall beauty and simplicity of this ring. It is priced at around $800 and will appeal to those couples who might want a more traditional and classic choice when it comes to their wedding rings.

This 18K Celtic wedding ring is certainly the perfect choice for your partner. Not only does this band have two tone gold being pre-dominantly white gold in color, it has perfectly carved twisted wires design engraved and have a top satin finish, making the ring have augmented appeal for the onlooker. It is designed with comfort fit on the center and is produced with 75% of pure gold metal.

The width of this Celtic ring is 6mm. Select the size, price and engraving message as you like. In collaboration with FedEx free shipping services, we deliver all orders within 1-4 business days along with ample discount on the purchase.

9.5mm 18K Two Tone Celtic Wedding Band

9.5 mm in width, this ring is absolutely beautiful and will look perfect on a woman’s finger. Again, this ring is two toned and has a gorgeous design circling the entire width of the ring. I love the design that has been laid out because to me, it looks extremely feminine as well as delicate and therefore might appeal more to the female gender.

The lovely design when worn will look even better and will complement any other rings that you choose to accessorize with. This ring has been made from 18k solid gold and the two toned element looks perfect with this kind of a style.

This wedding ring which can be spotted at the website as: WR739-18K is designed with two tones of gold metal color and carries around 75% of the metal’s purity. Being an 18K band, 9.5mm in width and a comfort fit, it is certainly worth the value. Being made in USA, the quality is assured while you can make your order as per the desired size and price, laser engraving type and the engraving message as well. You may sight twisted wire designs neatly engraved in the ring and give it an exclusive touch. Place your order now and avail 42% discount with FedEx free shipping service.