“Dancing With The Stars” Surprise Engagement Proposal! (Sasha Farber & Emma Slater)

Tuesday nights are all about amazing dancing and great performances on Dancing With The Stars. This Tuesday night went above and beyond when we were part of such a special moment in two dancers lives. At the end of their performance Sasha Farber took over the show by surprising us all and getting down on one knee to propose, to long time girlfriend, Emma Slater.  After pulling out a gorgeous asscher shaped sapphire with a diamond halo, a stunning engagement ring, Slater without hesitation said yes!

asscher ring sapphire wedding rings depot

We wish the best to the newlyweds and if you missed this beautiful moment or just want to replay it check it out here. “Dancing With The Stars Proposal.”

dwts proposal dancing with the stars

Who doesn’t love a good romantic dance story.


The Perfect Nail Polish to Match Your Wedding Ring

Wedding Season is here! You’re either planning for your future wedding or you’re finalizing the last details for your wedding day. Wearing the right nail polish is as important as wearing the perfect pair of heels. Throughout the day family and friends will be wanting to see and awe at your amazing engagement and wedding ring, so it only makes sense that your nail color compliments your ring. Not only will it make your ring stand out but add a pop of color and give a personal touch to your wedding outfit.

In the olden day’s white nail polish or French nails were the wedding appropriate colors to wear, but those rules have long been changed. From bright colors to dark tones the spectrum of choices for your wedding nails are as endless as your diamond colors.


yellow canary diamond fancy yellow nail polish

The summer season doesn’t necessarily call for an over the top color. A light Canary Yellow tone, will tie in with your Fancy yellow diamond ring perfectly.

engagement ring rose gold pink nails

The Soft Pink nail polish has become a signature collection color for modern day weddings, and we completely agree with the choice. This tone will completely match your rose gold diamond engagement ring. Giving your look an elegant and gentle touch of color that is too beautiful to pass.

green nails emerald

This deep green nail polish will give you an extra pop of color to match your bold emerald green ring. A rich color that displays adventure and romance, leaving no doubt that this is your special day.

Whether its picking your nail polish or wedding ring, always make sure that it is exactly what you dreamed of.  To create your own dream wedding ring or search from our vast selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, visit our site at Wedding Rings Depot.

Four Proposal Ideas to Match the Personality of your Love.


Proposing to your love this Valentines Day Month. Here are 4 proposal ideas that might match your partners personality.

Outdoor Love:

Are you both the type of couple that is known as the outdoor exercise junkies? Then what better than a weekend hike. Climb to the top of a mountain or take a trail that leads to a waterfall (Suggestion Havasu Falls in Arizona). For a more exhilarating alternative, what about rock climbing a mountain (be it big or small).

If you are both more into water activities or just want to try something new, then may we suggest stand up paddle boarding. Paddling to the middle of the sea or lake and proposing the depth of your love and the want to be theirs forever. That feeling of it just being you to together in this vast world, would make anyone go weak in the knees.

Be careful when pulling out the ring, don’t drop it.

Romantic Getaway:

beautiful winter forest and roof

Take this opportunity to getaway and give the two of you the much needed vacation you both have been craving. There is usually two ways to go Hot or Cold. Are you looking for a warm place to swim and tan in or a cozy stay at home and snuggle type of getaway.

A snow resort might be a bit chilly but what better way to stay extra close to your sweetheart. Their is something classic and romantic about standing outside and overlooking the gorgeous mountains and crystal covered trees.

What about a private getaway to a sunny and tropical place. Where its all about you two enjoying the sun and viewing the glistening water from your room. Proposing from a tropical place is a an old as time choice, but it doesn’t make it any less romantic. Their is a reason why it is still a top place for proposals.

A Gamer’s Treasure Hunt:

Gift box in a sea shell on the beach

If your partner is a fun loving game person, who enjoys board games and fun outdoor activities…Why not create a treasure hunt for them? It might sound like a lot of work but we will help by giving you tips on how to make it easier on you.

You can include your family members, her family or your friends, to help you create a day filled with clues and hints to take her throughout your home town or a small sized a park (If driving around is not an option). Have them pick her up drive her around to the designated spots, or have each one contain a clue to help her reach you on her own.

If you choose to not include others no problem, why not leave a note at her favorite coffee spot, just give the barista a heads up & ask if they could kindly help you out. (Who would say no to a proposal). Another idea is to have an Uber  or Lyft car pick her up and take her to each spot, you have left a clue. Until you finally meet them at the prepared place. From there on we think you got it covered.

A Private Stay in Proposal:

Newly engaged couple showing off ring with red roses

Looking for a a more private and tender way to propose, without going outside? What about being able to share such a personal moment in the best place ever. At home where you have spent your time together and made fond memories. Fill a room with their favorite flowers (Roses, Tulips,Orchids), their favorite colored balloons, or post up all your most memorable moments captured in pictures around the walls. This might take some espionage tactics, but will be well worth it.

For an extra touch invite your partners close family and friends. Have them hide and wait until she has said yes to finally pop out, and congratulate you both. Nothing like a double surprise!

Or if  you wish to create a special moment just the two of you, so you can really celebrate after.

You don’t have to go over the top when proposing as long as you show your sweetheart you tried and did all this out of the great love you have for them. That should be more than romantic, I mean your proposing, that alone says, “I have met the one that I want to spend the rest of my life”!


Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

You may not have heard about these rings before but they do exist. They are a special category of rings that when constructed, look absolutely stunning. This ring is a wonderful example. Natural tungsten wedding bands are greyish in colour but nowadays with the advancement in technology, these bands can have black colour as well to accommodate newer designs. What I love most about this ring are the Roman numerals inscribed onto its surface. To me the comparison of the black tungsten with the white/silver like numerals looks great. Rings made from the tungsten carbide material are one of the most durable rings ever made. This ring can be bought for both genders, since it can work for either. It is extremely affordable and can be purchased for only $210 and you can also save around 40% when you buy this ring as well. Moreover the design on this one has a lovely and distinct pattern which will surely invoke customers to possess it. It is 8 mm in size and has a polished finish to give it an extra smoothness. So it would be wise to act and buy this ring now and get it shipped within 2-4 business days.

Custom wedding Band: Simply amazing

The best part about custom made wedding bands is the fact that they are designed entirely by you or your partner, or even together. And in this way, they turn out exactly how you want them to be. This ring has a date inscribed on it, which is of course the date that the couple got married.

What I like in this ring and the generally custom made ones is that they can serve as a unique and kind of fun reminder of your perfect wedding day. Just by looking down on your finger, you are immediately struck by a wave of memories and the feeling is wonderful.

What else would one desire or rather prefer when the availability of an impressive customized wedding ring is at hand being a 14K gold alongwith 58.5% of the gold’s purity?

These personalized wedding rings can be purchased with two tones of the metal, engraved couples name or the wedding date, a personalized message engraved on the outer side, the laser engraving type and other preferences as well. Place your order today and receive it over the next 7 business days processing. The width of these rings is 6mm with a comfort fit. These are known as custom personalized wedding rings and cam be bought at an affordable range of $1,000 with 33% discount.


Custom Made Wedding Band

Customized wedding rings can even be found in two toned bands that give the ring an overall look of an interesting aesthetic balance. The way the names of the couple are inscribed on the outer side of the ring, such as in this model looks adorable and reminds one of the happy day as well. I love the two toned look provided in this ring because the colors not only contrast with each other but also balance the ring out as well. Customized wedding rings are a popular choice today and the two toned one is especially affordable and a popular hit.


This is certainly the best personalized ring your can find to give to your partner for the Big Day. It is a two toned 14K customized wedding ring that can be engraved with any two tone message, the couples name, any short personal message engraved or the wedding date as well. It is made with solid gold having a weight of 58.5% of the metal purity and a 9mm width. Designed with a comfort fit, the personalized message is carved on the external side of the ring. Since it is customized, the processing takes around 7 business days. Place your order at an affordable price of $1,000 and avail FedEx free shipping services.