White Gold Knife Edge Wedding Band

This 8 mm wide wedding band is made in white gold and is a little more expensive than the yellow gold bands. What I like about this ring is the entire smoothness that is apparent in this model. Even the interior edge of this ring has been made in such a way so as to provide maximum comfort and add to the roundness and smoothness of the ring. White gold in especially a classic material to construct rings with and in this case, it is working beautifully and I would love to wear such a piece.

A good idea would be to buy this ring now and save around 13% on the cost. This is a very affordable piece, priced at just under $500 and looks utterly classic. The product code for this ring is SKU: 8mmWKNIFE-14K. The metal type used in this ring is gold and the metal colour is white. This ring has a gold purity of about 58.5% and has been made as a comfort fit. Shipping of this product can take up to 1 to 4 business days and engravings can also be done as per request of any customer who wishes to buy it.

Knife Edge Wedding Bands: Simply great

Priced at a conservative $350, these knife edge rings are very similar to the classic gold bands in style. However, this similarity is only superficial. This 14k yellow gold knife edge ring has a twist to it in the form of the outer part of the ring which, as the name suggests has a knifeā€™s edge. The simplicity of the design makes it worthy of a purchase and this type of ring can be afforded by almost anybody who is in the market for one. It looks extremely elegant when worn and is preferred by many women today for its uncomplicated look.

This is a highly affordable 14K Gold Knife Edge wedding ring available in yellow tone. It is available in 5mm width and has a knife edge over the outer side with a modern twist. The wedding band is designed with comfort fit on the center as well as the edges. It is a 14K solid gold wedding ring with 58.5% of the gold purity in it. You can place your order selecting the size and price, the laser engraving type and also a personal message. Placing your order would deliver the ring within one to four business days with free FedEx shipping.