8.0mm 14K White Gold Flexible Wedding Band with .60 carats

This wonderful piece of jewelry falls under the flexible rings category. As the name implies, the construction of White Gold Flexible Wedding Band allows it to be flexible, so as to facilitate adjustability for the wearer. It is made with 14K solid White Gold, the metal pieces has been linked together in a chain formation to form the band shape. It can be twisted and made loose, and can be therefore easily taken off or worn. This kind of convenient method I generally like and it’s this very unique quality that sets this ring apart from others. The use of white gold in this ring is really appreciable and succeeds in giving it an aesthetic look, besides being comfortable to wear.

White Gold Flexible Wedding Band available in several sizes and is composed of 100% solid gold. The design marks the sign of true craftsmanship. The product code of this ring is SKU: WR4344-14K. The 8 mm bands facilitate comfort fit of course. It is available at a price of @1,999.99, provided an immediate order is made. This will save you 43 percent, which is $1,523.00. On ordering, it’ll be delivered to you within 1 to 4 business days. So no point in delaying, place your order as soon as possible.

White Gold Flexible Wedding Band

Flexible wedding bands may not be all that common when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding band for your ceremony but they do look quite good. This one particular model especially looks nice because of the diamonds used in a particular fashion. The way that the chains link to each other to form this ring, is not only gorgeous to look at, but also convenient for the wearer as well. As the name suggests, the rings are made in links of chains to make it flexible and elastic when you wear it so that it can be melded to the size of your finger.

This 8.0 mm flexible band has been linked together to give it a chain like quality and hence make it a wedding band. It has been made from 14K of solid white gold, which is absolutely beautiful to look at with a 58.5% of gold purity. Total carat weight of this ring has been measured at 0.60 ct. Buying this ring can also save you up to 48% of your cash load. The colour of the metal used in this is white and engravings can also be done as per request. This will cost an extra $20 and this ring can be shipped within 1 to 4 business days.

Platinum Flexible Wedding Band

This ring is categorized under the flexible rings category. As the name suggests, the ring has been constructed in such a way so as to make it flexible so that the wearer can easily wear it. It can be twisted around, made loose and can easily be worn or taken off. I love these convenient aspects about this ring and I feel this is what makes it such a huge hit. The platinum used in this one has been linked together like a chain to give it an aesthetically balanced look. The ring is beautiful and comfortable to wear as well. What more do you need?

This platinum wedding band can be found in both female as well as male sizes and so can be worn by either gender. The 8 mm band is of course a comfort fit and can be bought at a price of $3299.9 which will save you up to 48% as well. This ring has been constructed out of solid platinum and the purity of the metal has been calculated at a precise 95% which is a huge amount. Check the website to place your order now and get it shipped directly to your home in 2 to 4 business days.

Flexible Wedding Bands – Different and Special

This particular ring is interesting to look at because it uses a mix of white gold and yellow gold and forms this lovely wedding band which has a contrasting look to it. Again in this ring, the white gold has been used to link the chains together to form the ring whereas the yellow gold has been used for a more design like purpose.

This is what I like the most. The fact that the yellow gold has been used on the surface to http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/4341-200.jpggive it a little dominance is in my opinion definitely working so many couples would appreciate this style.

This is particularly categorized as the flexible wedding band available with a width of 8.0mm. The value is augmented with its 18K two tone middle yellow gold having 75% gold purity. This is certainly a unique wedding ring which has white gold metal links connected similar to a chain and gives it a special look.

The band is available for both men and women sizes and is described as a chain link flexible 18K two tone gold ring designed with comfort fit on the center and the edged. It can be delivered within one to four business days and is available at a price of $1399.99.