The Perfect Nail Polish to Match Your Wedding Ring

Wedding Season is here! You’re either planning for your future wedding or you’re finalizing the last details for your wedding day. Wearing the right nail polish is as important as wearing the perfect pair of heels. Throughout the day family and friends will be wanting to see and awe at your amazing engagement and wedding ring, so it only makes sense that your nail color compliments your ring. Not only will it make your ring stand out but add a pop of color and give a personal touch to your wedding outfit.

In the olden day’s white nail polish or French nails were the wedding appropriate colors to wear, but those rules have long been changed. From bright colors to dark tones the spectrum of choices for your wedding nails are as endless as your diamond colors.


yellow canary diamond fancy yellow nail polish

The summer season doesn’t necessarily call for an over the top color. A light Canary Yellow tone, will tie in with your Fancy yellow diamond ring perfectly.

engagement ring rose gold pink nails

The Soft Pink nail polish has become a signature collection color for modern day weddings, and we completely agree with the choice. This tone will completely match your rose gold diamond engagement ring. Giving your look an elegant and gentle touch of color that is too beautiful to pass.

green nails emerald

This deep green nail polish will give you an extra pop of color to match your bold emerald green ring. A rich color that displays adventure and romance, leaving no doubt that this is your special day.

Whether its picking your nail polish or wedding ring, always make sure that it is exactly what you dreamed of.  To create your own dream wedding ring or search from our vast selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, visit our site at Wedding Rings Depot.

7mm 18K Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band

The most sought after flexible ring is here again. The name pretty much implies the fact that the ring is custom made and flexible so that the wearer can easily wear it. You can twist the ring and even make it loose as per your convenience. The rounded edges and interiors also gives the ultimate confort that I can ever ask for. It is the conveneience and comfort of this ring which makes it a huge success to me. The solid gold used in constructing the Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band makes it even more special.

This Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band is not only beautiful but also very comfortable to wear and the best part is that I found one for my husband too. It is desgined for both the genders and can be worn by any one.I did not even have to burn my pockets to buy one of this hand braided ring. The 7mm 18K ring costed me only $599.99. The product code of the ring is SKU: WR146-18K. The two tone color is what you mainly find the ring in and as a user I can vouch for its purity. The unique patterns and design of the ring will make you want to own desire it all the more. The aesthetic desgin adds to the grandeur of the ring and makes it the most sought after hand made ring for your wedding.

Two Tone Wedding Ring

34p1904.htm”>Two tone designs are extremely in nowadays and can also be found in jewellery and especially ring patterns today. Like with this ring, two colours of metal types have been used together to create an interesting contrast. The surface or the base of the ring has one tone, then comes a circular band of another tone and there is again a repetition of the first tone in that curving line on the top of the ring that circles the entire band. I like how simply by putting a curving line the beauty and simplicity of the ring has been enhanced to a greater level. This also emphasizes the fact that a lot of stones and design is not necessarily needed to make a ring or a wedding band look great. This 14K solid gold, 7 mm wedding band has a gold purity of 58.5% and you can save up to 39% if you buy this ring now. The two tones complement its overall structure and this ring can be in your hands, or rather technically on your finger in a mere matter of 1 to 4 business days if a shipping order is placed; get your two toned wedding band today.