Mila Kunis opting for a classic Etsy Wedding Band


With the recent Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher marriage no one can keep their eyes off her engagement ring. But the one that is getting the most attention is her wedding band. A classic slim band is far from traditional in the world of Hollywood, but that is exactly what Mila did. She opted for a beautiful sleek wedding band from Etsy and we’re all for it!

With so many diamond bands out there we sometimes forget to look at the classic traditional bands. Don’t be put off by the “traditional” part. These bands can be customized to add a specific style or design, to match your look.


In Mila fashion here are some slim bands in all color that will definitely match your ring.

mila ring blog 1
Yellow: WRCY1.5mm-14K ,White: WRCW1.5mm-14K, Rose: WRCR1.5mm-14K

Want to add an extra touch, then add side detailing such as this milgrain print, in comfort fit.

tri color bands mila blog
Yellow: WR03MY-14K, White: WR03MW-14K, Rose: WR03MR-14K


A classic band, in any color, can add an extra pop to your engagement ring. Think about going for a comfortable chic look the next time you look up wedding bands.


The Secret to White Gold

White gold was been referred to for many years as an alternative to platinum. This may be true in the eyes of many, but white gold created a phenomenon in the jewelry industry and has never looked back. In order to look like its precious counter-part in platinum, white gold goes through a very precious process called “rhodium platting” to look as beautiful and unique as it does when it reaches your hands.

In its raw state without any rhodium platting, white gold really has a yellowish look to it since gold is really yellow in its true color. What rhodium platting does is it allows a plain piece of white gold to be dipped in rhodium to give it a very clean, fresh, and shiny feel to it which will last for a very long time. This process allows the jewelry to have a very clean white look to it which to the naked eye may look just the same as more expensive products.

So how much does this rhodium platting cost you to make your piece of jewelry look that much better? Most jewelers around the world charge anywhere from $20-$25 per piece to dip your ring in rhodium, but here at Wedding Rings Depot we do it free of charge! We believe that the customer should always receive the perfect ring they had in mind from us, and if you’re thinking that rhodium platting your white gold is the way to go, then we will be more than happy to do that for you for no extra cost.

If you do chose to get your ring rhodium platted, how often you get it re-platted can vary on many factors. How much the ring rubs against other metals and products like clothing and household chemicals may affect how long that beautiful crisp look may last. Usually, the rhodium will last and keep it shine between 2-3 years on average, but no matter when you think it is time to get it re-platted you come to us and we will make sure to take care of you!

So when you are searching through our vast selections of rings in route to finding that perfect one for you and your loved one, remember the little secret about white gold that you learned from us today. This small process of rhodium platting can make a huge difference in the appearance of your ring and may just be that next step you may want to take in creating that perfect band for the big day!

Ladies White Gold diamond ring

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Things get even better when diamond is combined with gold. And that is exactly what this 6mm ladies white gold diamond ring is all about. This ring is simply amazing and I am truly impressed by every small detail of this ring. No one can ignore the “wow” factor of this ring. The design of this ring is unparalleled; it combines tradition and modernity perfectly. And the encrusted diamonds add an intrigue quotient to the overall design of the ring. One just can’t ask for more. The ladies white gold diamond ring is made with 14k white gold. The combination of white gold and diamond is simply stunning.

The product code of the amazing looking ring is SKU WR2235L. It needs to be mentioned here that the ring is made of 100% solid white gold. The customer who purchases this ring can engrave a name or a message on the ring according to his or her choice. The customer can choose the type of laser engraving as well. Given the white gold and diamond the actual cost of the ring is $3674.99. However those who buy the ring now can save 33% of the cost and take home the ring at $2449.99. The ring will be shipped within 4 business days from when the order is placed.

7mm 18K White Gold Top Flat Wedding Band

If ever anything classic can be turned into contemporarily new, it has to be this ring. The White Gold Top Flat Wedding Band, featuring the ‘Comfort Fit’ design, is made of White Gold, a classic material that is used to construct rings. It works beautifully on me, and I enjoy flaunting it every now and then. The ring is built in a way so that it provides you with the ultimate comfort, even in the inside. The smoothness and the roundness of the design also make me go gaga over it.

The ring is made of 100% solid Gold of 18K and its color is White. The product code of White Gold Top Flat Wedding Band is SKU: 7mmWFLAT-18K. It would be a good idea to purchase this ring as soon as possible so as to avail a discount of 34 percent and save almost $325.00. That means you can purchase it at $629.99. It can be shipped directly to your home within 4 to 7 business days. So there is no need to wait long enough to show it off to people. It’s really worth the deal, and one should not miss the chance to possess such a unique piece of magnificence and marvel.

White Gold Wedding Band

White gold and platinum are two materials that when used, never fail to produce elegance. I have always associated these two materials with pure and dignified grace. Similarly when used to construct wedding bands, like this one, white gold and platinum work superbly well. The kind of subtle quality that this ring has is exceptionally appealing to me as a customer. Moreover there is a certain design or pattern shall we say that is almost merging with the top surface of the ring. This creates an interesting and illusionist effect that definitely interests me as a buyer.

The product code for this ring is SKU: WR1544-14K. This 6.5 mm wedding band makes use of white metal colour and the metal type used in this ring is gold. The purity of the gold used has been measured at being a very modest 58.5%. Priced at just under $360, this ring can save you up to 45% as well. It is a comfort fit, with a finished interior and rounded edge. The smoothness of the metals can be seen on the surface of the ring and this band is a special one that will definitely make your loved one feel truly loved.