3mm Tri Color Engraved Rolling Wedding Ring

Belonging to the Rolling Wedding Ring category, the 3mm Tri Color Engraved Wedding Ring is a perfect possession for a person like me, who is a big fan of weddings, and the associated romance encircling it. The best feature in this ring that enthralls me is its Classic Designer Style, with three different colors of gold bands. These bands have been assembled together so as to produce the rolling type of wedding ring.

This 3mm Tri Color Engraved Wedding Ring is made of 100 percent solid 14K gold, and looks wonderful as soon as I put it on. Its width is 3mm. it’s specially designed for a comfortable fit, with smooth interiors. It’s also available in various sizes, so as to fit all and sundry. The product code of this ring is SKU: WRRLE300-14K. Although it is available $1,599.00, if a purchase is made now, you can save 25 percent, i.e., $400.00 and get it at $1,199.00. Even an engraved message or inscription can be carved in the ring for your special one can be carved into it, with an additional payment of $20.00. It’ll take this classic ring around 3 to 4 business days to reach you. I would surely recommend it to others who want to own such a genuine and appalling masterpiece.