Why are Platinum rings expensive?

People who do not have a strong background in the jewelry industry wonder why platinum wedding rings are more expensive than gold. Obviously we all know the price discrepancy between the two, but when it comes down to it , is there really such a big difference choosing between platinum and gold? We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

For one thing, the raw metal of platinum is much heavier than that of gold. The approximate weight of platinum is 1.9 times heavier than a 14K gold piece. So a ring that would weigh 10.0 grams in gold weight would weigh about 19.0 grams in platinum, which will obviously cost you more money. Almost all jewelers sell to you the customer on a per gram basis of metal content, so the platinum ring will automatically almost always cost more in the same exact ring.

The cost of manufacturing and creating jewelry which is platinum is sufficiently greater. Platinum is harder and more difficult to work with, it requires more labor hours to finish the ring, therefore the cost of the ring will rise. Platinum is also not as high in demand as gold is, so that means that jewelers buy platinum in smaller quantities so they get less of a deal on the price of the metal than they do on gold which they buy on larger bundles.

Finally, probably the biggest reason there is such a price discrepancy between platinum and gold is the purity of each metal. 14K jewelry is around 60.0 % pure gold, while platinum is 95% pure. This makes platinum much more denser and heavier than all other metals, which increases its price.

Looking at all of these reasons state above, one can see how come platinum is such a pricy commodity. So many different things go into it so that it can keep its status as such a valuable metal. Hopefully these tips will help you when you want to chose between platinum and gold wedding bands from us.

9mm Platinum Lord’s Prayer Wedding Ring

I wanted the Almighty to bless me to have a happy and successful married life. So I chose the Platinum Lord’s Prayer Wedding Ring, which has an inscription of Lord’s Prayer engraved in it. It is one of the aesthetically sculpted pieces of jewelry that I could have ever come across, and I feel close to God whenever I adorn it. This Comfort Fit Wedding Band looks beautiful and fits well too, as it has been intricately designed to enhance the aesthetics quality, and this quality in them is very attractive. The use of platinum is also appreciable. It has never failed to elegantly decorate my fingers, and I adorn it with dignified grace and enhanced beauty.

This ring is available in various colors – white, yellow and rose gold. It is made of 18K solid gold. The gold purity in this ring is 75 percent and is made of 100 percent solid platinum (950). The product code of this ring is SKU: WR2144-PLT. Besides the default inscription, a custom message can be engraved as well. Provided you order Platinum Lord’s Prayer Wedding Ring now, you can save 47 percent, which is almost like $1,799.99. So, you’ll be able to purchase it by spending @1,999.00. It is available for shipping, and will reach you within 1 to 4 business days.