Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Lovely Beach Wedding & Ring

We cannot get enough of Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps gorgeous beach wedding. Her dress perfectly matched her style and Phelps’ looks as happy as can be. It seemed to be an intimate wedding, with a fair size of family members and friends at a beach destination in Cabo, Mexico.

michael phelps wedding

Michael Phelps showed his love for Nicole by posting this beautiful image of them walking down the aisle and captioning “My Best Friend… I Love You.”

nicole phelps wedding

And another stunning picture of the happy couple on the beach during sunset.

If you didn’t get a glimpse of her engagement ring, well here’s another recap of her stunning piece.

nicole ring

With that dress and that destination, this has made our top list for chic and simple, classic weddings.

We can’t pass up a great love story.

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