How to Care for Your Ring 101.

Caring for your wedding band or engagement ring is an important part in maintaining their longevity. Of course, we all no the main tips are to not drop it or bang it against anything,  safe storage and regular cleaning. But aside from that we will go into more depth and provide inside information, to help you ensure your precious ring lasts you a life time.

Wedding rings and wheat

Here are some easy steps to take and ensure the best care for your ring.

  • Store your wedding bands in a dry, safe place, separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Always properly insure your wedding rings.
  • Clean your wedding bands periodically with a jewelry solution or chemically treated jewelry cloth.
  • Avoid wearing your wedding ring when doing yard work, cleaning, etc.
  • Avoid contact between any harsh chemicals and your wedding band rings as they may cause some discoloration.

Those are your every day tips you can take.

In the long term make sure you take into consideration these steps:

  • Have your band rings professionally cleaned every so often as well as a professional polish every once in a while. (When you see that your wedding rings doesn’t have the same luster and shine, it sometimes need some professional cleaning.)

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  • Look into ring restoration! (A couple of years into proudly wearing your wedding or engagement ring, it is only natural that your ring may get dull. No worries we can bring back that shine and restore it to its original form with a ring restoration.)

Quick and Easy Procedure

  • Re-Sizing Your Ring (After a few years you may realize that your wedding ring/ band doesn’t seem to fit, the same. Make sure it isn’t just a one time weight gain or loss, because as humans we all have our ups & downs. This way you aren’t spending unnecessary money.) Extra Tip: It is always easier to size up a ring than size down. Some rings such as;Titanium, Stainless Steel and Tungsten cannot be re-sized.

Taking as many steps as you can to care for ring will be while worth it in the long run.


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Styles and Trends in Wedding Rings

When you follow the latest trends and fashions while shopping for clothes and accessories, why compromise with the wedding ring? A brilliant piece can add the right dose of elegance to your wedding ceremony. Not only that, since this ring is worn always it becomes a part of your personal style statement for life.

Follow the latest styles and trends while picking out your wedding ring and flaunt it with aplomb. Rings made with platinum and white gold, are more in vogue than those in yellow gold. A hot new trend is of two-toned ring that is made with mixed metals. You can go for a platinum ring with specks of yellow gold or a yellow gold base with a designing in white gold. As gold and platinum become more and more expensive, people are also turning to newer & relatively more affordable metals such as titanium or tungsten carbide as a base for the rings. Diamond continues to be the most sought after stone till date.

However, the trend of incorporating gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and others in a wedding ring appears to have caught the fancy of today’s women. These alternative stones not only make a fashion statement, particular stones are also believed to be beneficial from an astrological point of view. These days, the bride and the groom prefer to buy matching rings for themselves, be it the metal used, the pattern or the engravings on it. In terms of design, both contemporary and antique style rings are in vogue. Of course, a plain wedding band in gold is a classic and timeless piece that never goes out of style. But for those who love a vintage look, a hand-carved or engraved ring would be an ideal choice.

The popular choices are rings with floral motifs, Celtic knots and Greek style patterns on them. For the modern man or woman, there are contemporary wedding ring options with clean lines and simple cuts. Here, an ordinary wedding band can be transformed into a classy ring with broad detailing, engraving of abstract shapes or multiple bands in gold.

The Significance of Wedding Rings!

You must have witnessed how one of the most auspicious of moments in a wedding is the part where the bride and the groom exchange their wedding ring sets. But have you ever wondered why is this part such an important ritual? What is the significance of exchanging rings? After all it is just a piece of jewellery, is it not? Well to you it might just be a piece of jewellery, but not to the newly weds. For them these wedding ring sets mean much more than just that. These classic wedding bands stand for certain qualities that they expect their marriage and future partner to have.

So what are these qualities? The circular shape of the ring signifies something that never ends. It stands for all that is eternal and long lasting. But that is not all. There are other symbolisms to a wedding ring. The circle was used by the ancient people to denote the sun and the moon. Therefore the ring also stands for all that the sun and the moon could symbolize, that is strength and romance. In fact these rings were used as a symbol of love since time immemorial.

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