Unique Hand Braided Wedding Band

8.5 mm in width, this hand braided ring shows the effort and work that has been done on the surface of the wedding band. The braid circles the entire ring and complements the form of the ring, which is my favorite thing when I look at this ring.

http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/128_400.gifThe intricate design, especially the double braid, the inner thick one and the outer thin one provide a beautiful contrast and lend a unique aesthetic quality to this ring. Even the different colors used in this comfort fit ring are making it look lovely. The braid has been done so meticulously that it almost feels like you can touch the rope like texture and get that feeling of touching an actual rope.

This is an 18K hand braided wedding band with tri-colors. It is a classic and exclusive wedding band that is made with solid gold with 75% of the metal purity. It is available at a price of $599.99 and at a width measurement of 8.5mm. It is designed with immensely comfort fit on the center, the interior and the edges.

Being made in the USA with an American quality, it is certainly worth the given value. Place your order now and avail a considerable 46% discount off the original value. Receive your shipment within 4-6 business days with additional benefits like free engraving, free ring box and free shipping by FedEx.

Fantastic Deals with Trio Set Bands

Trio set wedding bands look spectacular because of the similarity that the whole set provides. This set in particular works amazingly well with the white gold and diamond layout. I love the simplicity of the set and how it never fails to look elegant. The set consists of a men’s wedding ring, a woman’s wedding ring and a beautiful yet simple engagement ring band. Together the set looks perfect and for a price conscious couple, I think this is an ideal choice. Getting 3 wedding bands in the price of one and that too at $800 is definitely a good deal.

This is surely an extravagant beauty that you won’t resist having a second look at. This Trio set diamond wedding and engagement ring is a 14K solid gold with a total carat weight range of 0.75 to 0.99. Being available as a set in white gold, you can avail a package of only $799.99 that includes diamond wedding rings for both men and women alongwith an engagement ring.

Being a trio set, you can opt for both men and women engraving message as well. All three have a comfort fit on the center, the interior and the edges. This set can be delivered within two to four business days.


Engagement and Diamond Wedding Rings

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and in this case, I’d say it is definitely true. Looking at this ring, it can be easily seen why anyone would want to go for this type of diamond ring. What I like most about it is the simplicity and the elegance of the ring provided by the three stones. The three diamond stones set in levels gives it a look of pure grace, which when worn will look even better. The 14k solid round cut diamonds are fabulous and complement the overall roundness of the ring itself which is a plus point.

This is a diamond 3 stones wedding ring which is a 14K white gold carrying around 58.5% of the metal’s purity. This is an exclusive ladies diamond wedding ring with a total carat weight of .45ct. It is fitted with three round diamonds and a comfort fit on the center and the edges. It is an American quality wedding ring made in the USA. You would be pleasantly amazed to afford it at a price of $429.99 with 50% discount on the original tag. Select your lady’s size, price and the engraving message if any. Place your order and receive it over the next two to four business days.


Be Unique: Choose a Braided Wedding Ring

Hand braided rings look beautiful due to the inlay work done on them. What I like about http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/146_400.gifthis ring is how the braided design looks significant on a white gold base and sort of emphasizes the braided work done on the surface.

This ring is simple and elegant and I would even say chic to a certain point. It may not have flashy diamonds but it works just as well as any regular solid cut diamond ring. It has a timeless elegance that works for the wedding band and I would love to buy such a beautiful ring for myself.

This is an 18K two-toned handmade wedding band available in solid gold varying around 75% of metal purity. It is available with a width measurement of 7mm and has ultimate comfort edged on the center and the interior.

This wedding band can be bought at an affordable price of $589.99 with an American quality. Place your order today and receive it within 4-7 business days. Select your desired size and price, the laser engraving type and the engraving personal message. This classic beauty can endow you with a 46% discount off the original value and the design makes it all the more exclusive.

Custom wedding Band: Simply amazing

The best part about custom made wedding bands is the fact that they are designed entirely by you or your partner, or even together. And in this way, they turn out exactly how you want them to be. This ring has a date inscribed on it, which is of course the date that the couple got married.

What I like in this ring and the generally custom made ones is that they can serve as a unique and kind of fun reminder of your perfect wedding day. Just by looking down on your finger, you are immediately struck by a wave of memories and the feeling is wonderful.

What else would one desire or rather prefer when the availability of an impressive customized wedding ring is at hand being a 14K gold alongwith 58.5% of the gold’s purity?

These personalized wedding rings can be purchased with two tones of the metal, engraved couples name or the wedding date, a personalized message engraved on the outer side, the laser engraving type and other preferences as well. Place your order today and receive it over the next 7 business days processing. The width of these rings is 6mm with a comfort fit. These are known as custom personalized wedding rings and cam be bought at an affordable range of $1,000 with 33% discount.


Is this the ideal Classic Wedding Band? You bet

Classic wedding bands never age or go out of style. They have that timeless grace that http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/4mm%20ym%20200%20by%20200.jpgmany flashy rings cannot achieve no matter how hard they try. This classic gold band is absolutely beautiful in its simplicity and I like how smooth it looks even when you see a picture like this one.

You can actually sense the roundness of the interior and what it would feel like when you slide it on your finger. Classic wedding bands are the perfect choice for money conscious couples. These bands are extremely affordable and look great when you wear them because of the sheer elegance that they have.

This is a 14K yellow gold classic wedding ring that is designed with comfort fit on the center, interior and edges because of the rounded design. It is made with solid gold and has 58.5% of the gold purity in it. You can purchase it with a width measurement of 4mm. It is a perfect wedding band for both partners and is a classic beauty. You can buy it at an affordable price of $249.99. Being made in the USA and having an American quality, the ring is sure to last long. Place your order and receive it within two to four business days.

Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Rings

This ring is very creatively designed, keeping in mind the Celtic culture and values. This 18K wedding band is two toned with a white gold base which has a very interesting twisted wires design. 6mm in width, this ring is perfect for either men or women and will look good on both genders. The uniqueness of this design and its complicated and intricate work is what adds to the overall beauty and simplicity of this ring. It is priced at around $800 and will appeal to those couples who might want a more traditional and classic choice when it comes to their wedding rings.

This 18K Celtic wedding ring is certainly the perfect choice for your partner. Not only does this band have two tone gold being pre-dominantly white gold in color, it has perfectly carved twisted wires design engraved and have a top satin finish, making the ring have augmented appeal for the onlooker. It is designed with comfort fit on the center and is produced with 75% of pure gold metal.

The width of this Celtic ring is 6mm. Select the size, price and engraving message as you like. In collaboration with FedEx free shipping services, we deliver all orders within 1-4 business days along with ample discount on the purchase.


Flexible Wedding Bands – Different and Special

This particular ring is interesting to look at because it uses a mix of white gold and yellow gold and forms this lovely wedding band which has a contrasting look to it. Again in this ring, the white gold has been used to link the chains together to form the ring whereas the yellow gold has been used for a more design like purpose.

This is what I like the most. The fact that the yellow gold has been used on the surface to http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/4341-200.jpggive it a little dominance is in my opinion definitely working so many couples would appreciate this style.

This is particularly categorized as the flexible wedding band available with a width of 8.0mm. The value is augmented with its 18K two tone middle yellow gold having 75% gold purity. This is certainly a unique wedding ring which has white gold metal links connected similar to a chain and gives it a special look.

The band is available for both men and women sizes and is described as a chain link flexible 18K two tone gold ring designed with comfort fit on the center and the edged. It can be delivered within one to four business days and is available at a price of $1399.99.

Custom Made Wedding Band

Customized wedding rings can even be found in two toned bands that give the ring an overall look of an interesting aesthetic balance. The way the names of the couple are inscribed on the outer side of the ring, such as in this model looks adorable and reminds one of the happy day as well. I love the two toned look provided in this ring because the colors not only contrast with each other but also balance the ring out as well. Customized wedding rings are a popular choice today and the two toned one is especially affordable and a popular hit.


This is certainly the best personalized ring your can find to give to your partner for the Big Day. It is a two toned 14K customized wedding ring that can be engraved with any two tone message, the couples name, any short personal message engraved or the wedding date as well. It is made with solid gold having a weight of 58.5% of the metal purity and a 9mm width. Designed with a comfort fit, the personalized message is carved on the external side of the ring. Since it is customized, the processing takes around 7 business days. Place your order at an affordable price of $1,000 and avail FedEx free shipping services.

Men’s Wedding Bands: Always in Fashion

Wedding rings for men have now evolved to a great level and there are various designs available that can be selected from a wide range of choices. For men, these rings can be found in various materials such as gold, silver, platinum and the likes.

Platinum rings look absolutely gorgeous and this one has a special element about it. The http://www.weddingringsdepot.com/productcart/pc/catalog/2228_200.giffine layout of the stones and the work of the beautiful diamond inlay give it a lovely look. I would definitely go for this model for my partner since not only is it unique in terms of design but has a comfortable fit as well.

This wedding ring is a solid 6mm platinum wedding band designed for men and carries around 95% metal purity. It is a round diamond band and has a comfort it.

Thereby, you can place your order today and save around 44% on the original price. If you have a prior men’s ring size for your partner, you can select it and also type down any engraved message that you want on the ring. Adding to your information, the total carat weight of this platinum ring is .72ct while the metal setting is Platinum (PLT950). Place your order and receive it within 2 to 3 business days shipping via FedEx.