Yellow Gold Classic Wedding Band

This 8 mm wedding band is thick and made in gold and is going to look wonderful as soon as it is put on. This is because a wedding band made from solid gold with no engravings or inscribing, at least for me, is the perfectly pure and elegant wedding band. Upon wearing it looks simple and is enough to guarantee that this graceful circular ring will look beautiful. The shine and the smoothness can easily be seen on the band itself and I would buy a plain solid gold band any day because of their ability to look beautiful.

The width of this ring is set at 8mm and upon buying this ring; you can save up to 31% since it is priced at an affordable $468.99. The colour of the metal used is yellow and the metal type is gold with a 58.5% of purity level. If you plan to get it shipped, keep in mind that it will take around 1 to4 business days for this beautiful and classic band to reach you. It has been designed for a comfort fit with rounded edges and a smooth interior. This is of course to emphasize again, the aspect of maximum.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Being a huge fan of weddings and all the romance surrounding it, I love the idea of having matching wedding bands. Not only does it look cute, but the rings also complement each other. This set in particular is absolutely gorgeous. I adore the sloping diamond line in the lower ring and how in contrast, the upper ring is totally dramatic. The upper band has two wedding bands joined together to give it extra depth and the flower like diamond on the top makes it utterly feminine. Diamonds and gold look fabulous together and this ring is appropriate for any couple.

This ring, if bought now, can save you up to a staggering 43% of the total cost and it doesn’t get any better than this. Such an offer should not be ignored. This beautiful set has been made from 14K of solid gold with a metal purity of around 58.5%. For this set, round diamonds have been used and the ring has been designed for a comfort fit with a smooth and sleek interior to boost comfort level. This set consists of a men’s wedding band, one for the woman and a third engagement band, all available under $1100.

White Gold Flexible Wedding Band

Flexible wedding bands may not be all that common when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding band for your ceremony but they do look quite good. This one particular model especially looks nice because of the diamonds used in a particular fashion. The way that the chains link to each other to form this ring, is not only gorgeous to look at, but also convenient for the wearer as well. As the name suggests, the rings are made in links of chains to make it flexible and elastic when you wear it so that it can be melded to the size of your finger.

This 8.0 mm flexible band has been linked together to give it a chain like quality and hence make it a wedding band. It has been made from 14K of solid white gold, which is absolutely beautiful to look at with a 58.5% of gold purity. Total carat weight of this ring has been measured at 0.60 ct. Buying this ring can also save you up to 48% of your cash load. The colour of the metal used in this is white and engravings can also be done as per request. This will cost an extra $20 and this ring can be shipped within 1 to 4 business days.

Two Tone Men’s Diamond Ring

This type of ring has a two tone quality to it which looks great for men. It is simple, elegant and would look absolutely wonderful on any man who chooses to buy this. Also, talking about budget, this kind of ring would go perfectly. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it is also extremely affordable and priced at just under $700. It has a simple and graceful design of a line of diamonds that circle and define the shape of the ring. If you want to order it online, the ring can be easily shipped in a period of two to four days.

The product code for this ring is SKU: WR2841M, in order to easily locate it on the website, just type this phrase in. this 6.0 mm wedding band is truly an economized way of making rings. It uses up 14K of solid gold and has a metal purity of 58.5%. If you buy this ring, you will definitely be saving yourself some extra cash and that too up to 39%. It has a total carat weight of .20ct and for an extra $20; a laser engraving can also be done in the band with a word of phrase of your choice.

3 Piece Diamond Wedding Set

Nowadays people have a tendency to go all out with engagement rings. Jewellery makers try to make them flashy and opulent and the shinier it is; the better it is for the buyer. This is not necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to engagement rings, it can be quite fun. This 3 piece set in particular is absolutely spectacular. The minute I look at this ring, I want to own it. I want to be the one wearing it and flashing it against the sun to see the colours even! The best part about trio wedding pieces is that they come in sets. So whatever the female is wearing, the man will be wearing a very similar rendition as well. Not only does it looks kind of adorable but also promotes elegance and grace.

This trio set has been made out of 14K solid gold. The set consists of a woman’s wedding band, a man’s wedding band and an engagement band. It is priced just under a $1000 and these three rings can save you up to 46% as well. Not a bad bargain at all. The gold used in this has a purity of about 58.5% and the total carat weight is 0.40 ct.

White Gold Wedding Band

White gold and platinum are two materials that when used, never fail to produce elegance. I have always associated these two materials with pure and dignified grace. Similarly when used to construct wedding bands, like this one, white gold and platinum work superbly well. The kind of subtle quality that this ring has is exceptionally appealing to me as a customer. Moreover there is a certain design or pattern shall we say that is almost merging with the top surface of the ring. This creates an interesting and illusionist effect that definitely interests me as a buyer.

The product code for this ring is SKU: WR1544-14K. This 6.5 mm wedding band makes use of white metal colour and the metal type used in this ring is gold. The purity of the gold used has been measured at being a very modest 58.5%. Priced at just under $360, this ring can save you up to 45% as well. It is a comfort fit, with a finished interior and rounded edge. The smoothness of the metals can be seen on the surface of the ring and this band is a special one that will definitely make your loved one feel truly loved.

Two Tone Wedding Ring

34p1904.htm”>Two tone designs are extremely in nowadays and can also be found in jewellery and especially ring patterns today. Like with this ring, two colours of metal types have been used together to create an interesting contrast. The surface or the base of the ring has one tone, then comes a circular band of another tone and there is again a repetition of the first tone in that curving line on the top of the ring that circles the entire band. I like how simply by putting a curving line the beauty and simplicity of the ring has been enhanced to a greater level. This also emphasizes the fact that a lot of stones and design is not necessarily needed to make a ring or a wedding band look great. This 14K solid gold, 7 mm wedding band has a gold purity of 58.5% and you can save up to 39% if you buy this ring now. The two tones complement its overall structure and this ring can be in your hands, or rather technically on your finger in a mere matter of 1 to 4 business days if a shipping order is placed; get your two toned wedding band today.

Platinum Flexible Wedding Band

This ring is categorized under the flexible rings category. As the name suggests, the ring has been constructed in such a way so as to make it flexible so that the wearer can easily wear it. It can be twisted around, made loose and can easily be worn or taken off. I love these convenient aspects about this ring and I feel this is what makes it such a huge hit. The platinum used in this one has been linked together like a chain to give it an aesthetically balanced look. The ring is beautiful and comfortable to wear as well. What more do you need?

This platinum wedding band can be found in both female as well as male sizes and so can be worn by either gender. The 8 mm band is of course a comfort fit and can be bought at a price of $3299.9 which will save you up to 48% as well. This ring has been constructed out of solid platinum and the purity of the metal has been calculated at a precise 95% which is a huge amount. Check the website to place your order now and get it shipped directly to your home in 2 to 4 business days.

Two Tone Celtic Wedding Band

Celtic patterns and designs have an extra edge, a certain quality about them that attracts you and makes you want to possess it. Put the pattern on a ring and what do you get? A beautiful and breathtaking wedding band that has been carefully designed to enhance aesthetic quality, and to make it look ethereal. For me this ring has it all and I would love to buy it. I absolutely love the intricate Celtic pattern and how it has been in gold to give it dual tone. The two tone wedding bands are very much in vogue nowadays and are production is increasing as well. This ring looks beautiful because of the two tone design as well.

This particular ring is priced at $599.99 and can save you around 42% as well. This wedding band is around 8 mm and makes use of the metal type of gold with a massive 75% of gold purity. It is a comfort fit which means that it has been designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort for the wearer by smoothing the surface as well as the interior. Even the edges have been rounded off to provide that extra comfortable element.

Tri Color Ladies Wedding Band

This Ladies Tri Colour Ring has a massive appeal to the female gender due to its sheer elegance and absolute grace. Once worn, it makes the wearer constantly look down and check whether the ring is even real. Tri colour essentially means to have three colours and this ring makes use of three colours to come up with a beautiful wedding band that has round cut diamonds and intricate pattern work to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The three colours in this case are gold, white gold and rose gold. Combine these together and this wedding band is produced which looks gorgeous.

I love the design on the surface and how it has been infused with the tiny diamonds making it look extremely delicate. The smoothness of the metal type used is very apparent and the ring is definitely a comfort fit. It is priced at $899.99 and if you buy this ring, you will save a staggering 47% of your cash flow. Can you get a better deal than this? This 14K solid gold ring has a total carat weight of 0.9 ct and the purity of the gold used is 58.5%. Buy now and save money!