14K White Gold Ladies Diamond Ring 2.20ct

Many people do not like flexible rings for their wedding but they don’t realize how convenient it is. For my wedding I choose to buy a 14K white gold ladies diamond ring which is flexible as per your convenience and the fashion in which the diamonds have been used makes it the best wedding ring one can have. The USP about this ring is that it has various chains which are linked to form the ring in the size of your finger. The manner in which each of the chains is linked makes it stand out among the other diamond wedding rings available in the market.

Platinum and white gold is used in the crafting of this ring and the presence of this pure and dignified material adds on to the elegance and grandeur of the ring. This ring is made of 14K gold and as the name suggests it is available in white color only. The gold purity is undoubtedly not a matter of concern at all. The presence of Platinum and white gold also makes it the perfect wedding band. To me as a customer the intricate and beautiful pattern and design in the ring is very appealing. It forms an illusionist effect that really intrigues me as a customer and makes me want to buy it. Now White Gold Ladies Diamond Ring is available with only $3149.99 at a discount of $1,733.00, almost 35% of the original price of $4,882.99.

7mm 18K Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band

The most sought after flexible ring is here again. The name pretty much implies the fact that the ring is custom made and flexible so that the wearer can easily wear it. You can twist the ring and even make it loose as per your convenience. The rounded edges and interiors also gives the ultimate confort that I can ever ask for. It is the conveneience and comfort of this ring which makes it a huge success to me. The solid gold used in constructing the Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band makes it even more special.

This Two Tone Handmade Wedding Band is not only beautiful but also very comfortable to wear and the best part is that I found one for my husband too. It is desgined for both the genders and can be worn by any one.I did not even have to burn my pockets to buy one of this hand braided ring. The 7mm 18K ring costed me only $599.99. The product code of the ring is SKU: WR146-18K. The two tone color is what you mainly find the ring in and as a user I can vouch for its purity. The unique patterns and design of the ring will make you want to own desire it all the more. The aesthetic desgin adds to the grandeur of the ring and makes it the most sought after hand made ring for your wedding.

4mm Tri Color 12 piece Diamond Rolling Wedding Ring 14K

This tri color 12 piece diamond rolling wedding ring is a structure worth possessing. I am so very impressed with its structure. It is a 14k solid gold ring, not gold washed or hollow. The finishing is very good giving a comfortable feel. The smoothness and lightness of this rolling ring is crafted with excellence. The tri colors give it a unique appearance, a stylish and classy look.

This ring has twelve round cut diamonds, each ring measures 4mm in its width and 1.5mm in thickness. The diamonds are SL1 quality, which are very clean and sparkles all the way. The metal type used in this 14k ring is, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. The total carats is 0.12 carats. It’s a solid gold ring, stylishly crafted in the rolling style. The code for 14K 2 Piece Diamond Wedding Ring Set is SKU: WRRLD- 401-14k. The price of this pretty thing is $ 699.99, which is as a result of the rebate of 41% from the original price of 1.199.00. It is a set of tri colors, with diamonds studded keeping equal gaps between them in all the three colors. It might be tricolor but the comfort that this ring gives is beyond words. The shipping of this rolling ring takes three business days.

14K 2 Piece Diamond Wedding Ring Set 1.00ct

This 14K 2 Piece Diamond Wedding Ring Set is surely crafted with excellence. This has a very classy look, and it comes in the set of two. This 14k two piece diamond ring is made of solid gold. With its color being yellow and the white sparkling diamonds being studded in the metal this is something which is worth a buy. One ring is sleek in design having small pieces of diamonds being studded in the round metal; the other has three big round diamonds in the middle, in addition to the three big engravings the ring is studded on both sides of this middle structure by smaller sized ones.

The design is something to crave for. The roundness and smoothness of this structure is done with such perfection that it is worth a buy. I really would like to have them in my life; really I am carried away by the acute perfection of its finish. The metal color is yellow and it has a very comfort feel and fit. The code of 14K 2 Piece Diamond Wedding Ring Set is SKU: WRB773DWR4Y and it helps you save $ 1,013.00, which is a rebate of 31% of the original $3.252.99. So you can easily get it with just $2,239.99. The shipping of this ring may take just one to four business days.

14K Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Ring 1.05ct

This 14k yellow gold ladies diamond ring is all that I can ask for. The stylish look, with the diamonds studded gives it a very sophisticated appeal. The roundness and the smoothness of its structure give a comfort feel. Even its interior edges in made with such carefulness that the finishing is worth noticing. This ring is hundred per cent made of solid 14k gold.

The round diamonds as studded in this round structure is beautifully crafted, each piece being engraved with perfection, with one big diamond in the middle and the smaller ones engraved around it in both sides. Now it would really be a very good idea to get one and in addition to it getting 32% off on the cost. The code for 14K Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Ring is SKU: WR3536-14k. This product has the price at $ 1,179.99, where one saves, $555.00. This yellow metal gold and diamond ring should really be called a best friend, keeping in mind its affordable price, its comfort fit; it’s very unique and pretty design.

The total carat weight of this ring is 1.05ct. The shipping of this ring may take two to four days and shipping is absolutely free of cost.

Ladies White Gold diamond ring

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Things get even better when diamond is combined with gold. And that is exactly what this 6mm ladies white gold diamond ring is all about. This ring is simply amazing and I am truly impressed by every small detail of this ring. No one can ignore the “wow” factor of this ring. The design of this ring is unparalleled; it combines tradition and modernity perfectly. And the encrusted diamonds add an intrigue quotient to the overall design of the ring. One just can’t ask for more. The ladies white gold diamond ring is made with 14k white gold. The combination of white gold and diamond is simply stunning.

The product code of the amazing looking ring is SKU WR2235L. It needs to be mentioned here that the ring is made of 100% solid white gold. The customer who purchases this ring can engrave a name or a message on the ring according to his or her choice. The customer can choose the type of laser engraving as well. Given the white gold and diamond the actual cost of the ring is $3674.99. However those who buy the ring now can save 33% of the cost and take home the ring at $2449.99. The ring will be shipped within 4 business days from when the order is placed.

18k Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands

For customers looking for something that is the proverbial “classic new” nothing can be better than this 18k Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands. This 18k wedding band that is made of yellow gold is truly a winner. I am thoroughly impressed with the classic look of the ring. I feel this ring is akin to things with the old world charm. As far as the design of the wedding band is concerned, it features the “comfort fit’. And it lives up to its “comfort fit” design tag to the tee. The ring has rounded interior and edges and this ensures ultimate comfort. The smoothness of the ring makes it the one that everyone will love to wear, I can vouch for this.

The metal color of this beautiful wedding ring is the classic and traditional yellow. The ring is 100% solid. The product code of Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands is SKU 8mmY-18k. For those who want to buy this classic wedding band, this is the ideal time. Buying this utterly classic ring now will save $153.00. Though the actual cost of the ring is $712.99, it can now be purchased for $559.99. This means a saving of almost 21%. Once ordered the product will be shipped between 1 to 4 business days. The shipping is absolutely free.

7mm 18K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band

The 7mm comfort fit band is “the ultimate” thing for those looking for something that juxtaposes comfort, style and elegance. The solid 18k gold band weighs about 10 grams and the thing that impressed me most about this ring is its sleek and smart design. Talking about the design, there is accented dual Milgrain design at the top as well as the bottom of the band. This gives the ring a unique smoothness. I was amazed to see that the inside of the Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band has been designed in a way that guarantees ultimate comfort. The ring boasts of rounded edges and interior.

The product code of beautiful looking Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band 18 k gold band is SKU 7mmRm-18k. One thing that definitely I need to mention here is that the metal color of thing ring is rose. That is truly wonderful! Purchasing the ring now is a good idea as this will mean saving 33% of the cost. Though the original cost of the ring is $933.99 it can now be got for $629.99. The ring can be engraved according to the wish of the customer. The customer can choose the type of laser engraving as well. The shipping of this product is free and will take 4 to 7 business days.

18.5mm 18K Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band

Especially handmade to offer the maximum amount of detailing, the 18.5 mm 18K Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band is a class of its own. I have never come across such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in my lifetime. The elegance, the intricacy in designing will leave you astonished. Made out of 100 percent 18K Gold, the comfort fit allows the wearer to flaunt it without any hassle. The elegant design would not fail to complement any women’s dress. Not only is it tremendously gorgeous, it has been carved and built in such a way so as to provide maximum comfort.

Even the rounded edges and interiors are sleekly and smoothly designed, so that there are no issues on the wearer’s part. Even an inscription can be added to the ring, if you want one. The product code of Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band is SKU: WR126-18K. The original price of the ring is $1033.99. But on immediate ordering, you can avail a discount of 42 percent and save as much as $434.00. So at $599.99, it is really a good deal. Within 1 to 4 business days of ordering, you will receive this majestic jewelry piece, and be ready to show it off to the rest of the world.

6mm 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band

It is one of those wedding rings that I always wanted to and dreamt of possessing. The 6mm 18K Yellow Gold wedding band is the epitome of sheer genius and is a trendsetter in the market. Made out of 100 percent 18K Gold, it displays the most exquisite design and intricate level of detailing. Even the inside of the ring has been designed, featuring smooth and rounded interiors and edges, provides the ultimate feel of comfort and bliss. This wedding band has been designed in a way so as to enhance the aesthetic quality, and make it look ethereal. I was in love with the design the very day I saw it. It’s very hard to let go such an attractive piece of marvelous jewelry.

This particular ring can also bear inscriptions, if you want it to that is. A custom message can be engraved on a request. The product code of Yellow Gold Wedding Band is SKU: WR5036-18K. It is available at $699.99, which is quite affordable, after a discount of 35 percent. But it’s possible only if you order it now, so that you can save $350.00. It will be shipped to you within 1 to 4 business days, after ordering.