Marry Your College Sweetheart…On A Budget!

Everyone knows Mr. And Ms. Smug-Couple on campus. They are the ones that met on their second term, probably during a lecture, spent all their time in each other’s rooms and by the second year they were joined at the hip. Come finals they are helping each other with their essays and by senior year they are ready to tie the knot…yes you heard me right that couple everyone knows is now engaged!

The thought of moving forward with this beautiful wedding is exciting, romantic and well…very expensive! How are two deeply in love college sweethearts (that can barely make ends meet) going to afford to put on this colossal party, let alone purchase a perfect wedding ring?! Well we have good news for you. It IS affordable!!

When choosing a ring you will forever cherish and that ties you to one another it does not have to be over the top.  It is merely a symbol of emotions and promises involving love, commitment and honor. With that being said you do not need to purchase a 5 carat gold band. You do have other affordable options. From stainless steel, to tungsten and even sterling silver we can get you set up with a remarkable ring anywhere from $20 and up! You even have the choice to customize it any way you like. So this means you get the look you love, for the price you want. And to a college student this is music to their ears.

Shopping around for the perfect ring takes time and that’s why we are here to help. We have cheap options available for you at any price. So now you can marry your soul mate on any budget, even if you are still trying to figure out how to pay for your college tuition. Wedding Rings Depot has you covered!