Quick tips on picking the ideal rings for a Valentines Day gift.

Finding the perfect ring gift for valentines day can be a bit tricky. Whether it’s staying within budget, finding a delicate anniversary piece or a beautiful promise ring, we have 3 things you need to first figure out.

  • Whats your budget? Their is no need to spend so much to get a top quality ring, it’s just about where you look. So do your research and give your self sometime, to find the best price and also for those Valentines discounts or promos.

wedding ringsd depot diamond heart ring engagement ring red nails pomegranet


  • Is your love a pink person? Whats their favorite color. I know being Valentines Day we always sway for red and pink items which when it come to jewelry is always a great idea. But lets make sure they actually would like that, cause after all its for them.



  • The most important one is, what are you trying to say? You might adore your love, but if your not ready to pop the big question then lets make sure their are no confusions on what you are trying to say.  If you’re going for a promise ring or just a token of your love, we recommend an infinity ring or a love band.

wedding rings depot stackable ring diamond rings infinity ring rosegold ring


Adding diamonds can always be a bonus, but never a necessity.  A delicate and simple rose gold band as such can be an even classier gift.

wedding rings depot rose gold wedding band diamonds

“…the possibilities are endless.”