Marry Your College Sweetheart…On A Budget!

Everyone knows Mr. And Ms. Smug-Couple on campus. They are the ones that met on their second term, probably during a lecture, spent all their time in each other’s rooms and by the second year they were joined at the hip. Come finals they are helping each other with their essays and by senior year they are ready to tie the knot…yes you heard me right that couple everyone knows is now engaged!

The thought of moving forward with this beautiful wedding is exciting, romantic and well…very expensive! How are two deeply in love college sweethearts (that can barely make ends meet) going to afford to put on this colossal party, let alone purchase a perfect wedding ring?! Well we have good news for you. It IS affordable!!

When choosing a ring you will forever cherish and that ties you to one another it does not have to be over the top.  It is merely a symbol of emotions and promises involving love, commitment and honor. With that being said you do not need to purchase a 5 carat gold band. You do have other affordable options. From stainless steel, to tungsten and even sterling silver we can get you set up with a remarkable ring anywhere from $20 and up! You even have the choice to customize it any way you like. So this means you get the look you love, for the price you want. And to a college student this is music to their ears.

Shopping around for the perfect ring takes time and that’s why we are here to help. We have cheap options available for you at any price. So now you can marry your soul mate on any budget, even if you are still trying to figure out how to pay for your college tuition. Wedding Rings Depot has you covered!

Why New Years May Be The Best Time Ever To Propose!

Man proposing to his girl

Everyone loves New Years for a ton of different reasons. Whether it is a time to gather around your loved ones, start that New Year’s resolution you’ve been meaning to keep every year for the past 10 years, or spending it with that certain someone, New Years is one of the happiest times of the year. So with all of these great things happening all at once, wouldn’t it make New Year’s Eve the perfect moment to propose? We think so and we’ll tell you why!

All of your loved ones are all around you

New Year’s Eve is one of those special days that everyone has work, so no one has an excuse to miss a night of celebration with their friends and families. This makes it the perfect scenario for you to make that proposal you’ve been planning on making for weeks now. She will get to show off this perfect moment in front of everyone that she loves, and all of the spotlight will be on her. She will love it.

It’s a day that no one will forget

When you propose on New Year’s Eve, you and your future wife will always remember the date and what happened that special night.  Not only that, but every New Year’s will be your anniversary celebration and there always something going on with you and friends on New Year’s Eve so you guys will always have an amazing anniversary celebration every single year!

Symbolic Meaning of New Years

New Years represents a shift from one world to another, and how you want to spend your next year and with whom are on the tops of everyone’s minds. When you propose on New Years, you are telling your loved one that you not only want to spend the next year, but all of the future years of your life with her and everything you do, you want her to be a part of for your future. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

You’ll both already be dressed up

Everyone dresses in their finest clothing for New Year’s Eve, so you won’t have to worry about ruining the surprise by suspiciously asking her to dress up very nice and taking her to a very expensive restaurant where she will think that something is up. She will be looking beautiful, and you’ll be looking handsome, so the moment will be perfect.

So why not? Make this New Year’s Eve the most special New Year’s Eve of your entire life. The moment will be perfect and ready to go, will you? If you’re not prepared to ask the question, take a look at our new collection of stainless-steel wedding bands that you can get at the lowest price ever right now.  Make this New Year’s memorable and affordable as well!

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

You just found the perfect girl. You want everything to fall right into place before the big day comes along. You want the perfect ring on your wedding day. So you scour the whole web and visited all the major jewelry shops where you are. Visiting one jewelry shop means limiting your choices to what that shop has to offer, not to mention the time limit you have while staying in that store.

Thankfully, there are legitimate online wedding ring stores to choose from, for the most important occasion of your life. Whether you prefer diamond encrusted rings or a plain classic wedding band, there is a ring that’s right for you and your bride. So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to beat the traffic. Just shop at the comfort of your own home and visit  Wedding Rings Depot.

Major Gold Buyer Close Shop After Cheating Thousands

Top dollar for your gold! A phrase we often hear at TV and radio commercials.

During these tough times more people are cashing in their gold, thinking they are getting the full value for their jewelry?

A major gold buyer that earned millions of dollars shutdown after a CBS investigation revealed their illegal practice, victimizing thousand of customer across the country.

The probe by a CBS Station discovered one of the largest gold-buying operations in the country under, THR & Associates, promises “top dollar,” but offers just “pennies” on the dollar. And this is happening across the country.
Following the reports of six CBS stations across the U.S., THR and Associates has shut down and is currently the focus of several state and federal investigations, watch this clip from CBS:

An alternative for your old gold jewelry is to turn them in for store credit to wedding rings depot. They are the most reputable online wedding rings store in the country, recognized by the Knot and wedding wire.

Getting married or getting engaged, exchange your old gold jewelry for a store credit to buy engagement ring and wedding bands, we promise the best value for your gold.

The Secret to White Gold

White gold was been referred to for many years as an alternative to platinum. This may be true in the eyes of many, but white gold created a phenomenon in the jewelry industry and has never looked back. In order to look like its precious counter-part in platinum, white gold goes through a very precious process called “rhodium platting” to look as beautiful and unique as it does when it reaches your hands.

In its raw state without any rhodium platting, white gold really has a yellowish look to it since gold is really yellow in its true color. What rhodium platting does is it allows a plain piece of white gold to be dipped in rhodium to give it a very clean, fresh, and shiny feel to it which will last for a very long time. This process allows the jewelry to have a very clean white look to it which to the naked eye may look just the same as more expensive products.

So how much does this rhodium platting cost you to make your piece of jewelry look that much better? Most jewelers around the world charge anywhere from $20-$25 per piece to dip your ring in rhodium, but here at Wedding Rings Depot we do it free of charge! We believe that the customer should always receive the perfect ring they had in mind from us, and if you’re thinking that rhodium platting your white gold is the way to go, then we will be more than happy to do that for you for no extra cost.

If you do chose to get your ring rhodium platted, how often you get it re-platted can vary on many factors. How much the ring rubs against other metals and products like clothing and household chemicals may affect how long that beautiful crisp look may last. Usually, the rhodium will last and keep it shine between 2-3 years on average, but no matter when you think it is time to get it re-platted you come to us and we will make sure to take care of you!

So when you are searching through our vast selections of rings in route to finding that perfect one for you and your loved one, remember the little secret about white gold that you learned from us today. This small process of rhodium platting can make a huge difference in the appearance of your ring and may just be that next step you may want to take in creating that perfect band for the big day!

Why are Platinum rings expensive?

People who do not have a strong background in the jewelry industry wonder why platinum wedding rings are more expensive than gold. Obviously we all know the price discrepancy between the two, but when it comes down to it , is there really such a big difference choosing between platinum and gold? We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

For one thing, the raw metal of platinum is much heavier than that of gold. The approximate weight of platinum is 1.9 times heavier than a 14K gold piece. So a ring that would weigh 10.0 grams in gold weight would weigh about 19.0 grams in platinum, which will obviously cost you more money. Almost all jewelers sell to you the customer on a per gram basis of metal content, so the platinum ring will automatically almost always cost more in the same exact ring.

The cost of manufacturing and creating jewelry which is platinum is sufficiently greater. Platinum is harder and more difficult to work with, it requires more labor hours to finish the ring, therefore the cost of the ring will rise. Platinum is also not as high in demand as gold is, so that means that jewelers buy platinum in smaller quantities so they get less of a deal on the price of the metal than they do on gold which they buy on larger bundles.

Finally, probably the biggest reason there is such a price discrepancy between platinum and gold is the purity of each metal. 14K jewelry is around 60.0 % pure gold, while platinum is 95% pure. This makes platinum much more denser and heavier than all other metals, which increases its price.

Looking at all of these reasons state above, one can see how come platinum is such a pricy commodity. So many different things go into it so that it can keep its status as such a valuable metal. Hopefully these tips will help you when you want to chose between platinum and gold wedding bands from us.

Rolling Bands are the Future

Over the past 6 months I’ve seen a continuous trend in the purchasing of rolling bands from our website, and I don’t see it slowing down one bit in the future.

Many of you are probably wondering what the new found excitement is over these bands, or what a rolling band really is. Well lets make all of this very clear to you. A rolling band is a ring which consists of three rings all put together; rose gold. white gold, and yellow gold. Many costumers fall in love with 2 or 3 colors and cant bare to make a decision about which one to choose from, so they take the best of all three worlds. These rolling band rings are not your conventional ring, so if your looking for something new and fashionable its definitely the way to go.

Rolling Eternity Wedding Ring
A Unique Eternity Rolling Ring

You cannot find these unique bands anywhere you go, but here with us we carry a wide variety of rolling band rings which are more than 5 times cheaper than any retail store. The triple ring look gives the band a flashy and exotic look while still keeping the comfort of any other ring we carry. These bands are not just a fashion statement, but also have deep symbolic meaning behind them  as well. The three rings put together represent the past, present, and future of you and your loved ones so  you both will never forget where you come from and where you wish to go together. These rolling bands come with and without depends so you can customize them and make them just the way you want. These bands come in your option of 14K, 18K, and Platinum along with quarter size, half size, three-quarters of a size, and even full sizes as well.  These beautiful rings can come in your chose of different gauge sizes too.

Do you now see what all the talk and hype is all about with these magnificent rings? So if your looking for something new and unique that merges fashion and meaning together then our rolling band collection is the way to go.

How Much to Spend on My Wedding Ring?

The age old question that each young and jubilant couple must ask them selves when tying the big knot is “How much to spend on my partner’s wedding ring?”

It is fair to say that when in love, the emotions and hoopla that is going on around wedding time can sometimes get the best of you and some of you at times may not make the most rational decision in the world when deciding how to budget your money for a wedding ring. I’m here today to give a few pointers about what the best way is to go about purchasing that special ring for your loved one that they will cherish forever and you will not put you in debt forever as well.

The first thing you must come to terms with is what your partner is truly looking for in the ring. Some people do not care about materialistic things in the world and would be happy with the most simple ring ever seen. On the other side of the spectrum however, your partner may feel the need to have an extravagant ring which he or she can show off to their friends and family. You must find a median between these two mind-sets and come to the realization of what your partner is truly looking for in the ring.

Second you must come to terms with where you currently are financially in your life. You are making a huge commitment and your life is about to change for the better so you must plan accordingly for your future. Most people on average spend a little over their monthly salary on their partners ring. Of course these may vary on whether you are currently working or not and how the economy is going, but this is a good estimator about what you can afford to spend. It is very important not to spend more than what you can afford. You do not want to start your new life with your partner in financial pressure and debt because you wanted to go above and beyond what your partner expected.

This is a very exciting and wonderful time in your life and you should enjoy every moment of.  Take a deep breathe and don’t let small things ruin this great experience. Remember, your going to spend the rest of your life with your partner and starting it off and the right foot means all the difference in the world. We have a wide variety of rings beginning with a $29 stainless steel ring to a $14,000 platinum eternity ring so I am confident you will find the one that is just right for you and your partner to adore for the rest of your lives.

1.80 T.C.W. Channel Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

This beautiful wedding ring set in  18K rose gold with 1.80 total carats of diamonds, this is a 3 piece set has an engagement ring, diamond wedding band for the bride and groom.  the side princess diamonds are channel set that matches all three rings. The center stone of the engagement ring is mounted on a floral design with a oval shape diamond on the center.

1.80 TCW Channel Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets
Exclusively available in Wedding Rings Depot

The diamonds the were used to created this magnificent piece are all examined and graded  to be at least G-H in color and clarity of SI, or with a slight inclusion, which is hardly seen by the naked eye.  The center stone can be changed to a bigger carat as per customer’s request for an additional fee.

Rose gold is a contemporary jewelry color, very popular, the gold alloy used in the trio set is an 18K Rose Gold with an approximate metal combination  of 75% Gold , 22.25% Copper, 2.75%  Silver.  This is a nickel free alloy.

This 1.80 TCW channel rose gold wedding ring set is exclusively priced at $3,199.99 and it’s only available at wedding rings depot.

Cheap CZ Eternity Stainless Band

This is a beautifully produced CZ eternity in stainless steel. Stainless Steel is the new alternative metal used in wedding bands, they are durable, and can endure the test of time. This 7mm cubic zirconium eternity band stones, a fancy jewelry diamond look alike. CZ Eternity Band
Since gold has hit an all time high, fancy jewelry has been very popular. More and more people are buying it, due to the fact that it’s cheap and comes in various designs and color. But before ordering this piece, make sure you are not allergic to nickel, since all stainless steel products contains the metal nickel.  If this same ring was done is 18K Gold and Diamonds would cost you about $4,500, but it’s now available in stainless steel with CZ at $94.99, only at wedding rings depot.