Wedding Rings for Women!

Yes it is true that women have many kings of jewelery and accessory fetish, they will make the most fuss over their wedding ring sets. Ask any married woman regarding what her most precious piece of jewelery is and she will be sure to point towards her wedding ring sets. But what is so special about the simple band, you would wonder? Well it earns a high position in a woman’s heart not only for its beauty and the way it adds a charm to her finger but also because of what it stands for. It is symbolic of the eternal and undivided love of her husband.

Now why is choosing the right wedding ring so important. You know that no matter what kind of an occasion you go to, no matter what clothes you are wearing, no matter what kind of jewelery you are wearing, your wedding ring will always be there on your finger. It must be stylish and classy enough so that it goes with all your outfits. Of course the norm is that the grooms will buy the wedding ring sets for the women, but generally the woman goes along with him while going to buy the ring. This way you could help your fiancé not only with getting the right size but also the right design.

So how do you choose which is the right wedding ring for you? First of all you will have to decide upon which metal you want for the ring. Gold is the most obvious and traditional choice for the classic wedding bands. Some women however do not like to sport yellow metal on them. For them there is a choice of platinum or white gold. If you are a bit low on budget then you could choose silver. A current trend in women’s wedding is a two tone metal ring. Two tone metals mix two metals and bring in an entirely new design to the ring.

The stone set on the ring is also something that needs to be deliberated upon. Generally it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Obviously it does not take a rocket scientist to guess the most preferred stone on the woman’s classic wedding bands. Someone might not like a diamond however, or might have some fetish for any other stone like the amethyst or ruby. If you are one of them then you have all the right to get a ring of your choice. You could get a carving on the ring if you so desired. What is important that you make your choice extremely carefully as at the end of the day this ring will symbolize one of the most valued relations of your life.

The History of Men’s Wedding Bands

People have been wearing wedding bands for thousands of years and the exchange of rings is an integral part of many wedding ceremonies. The circular ring, without a beginning or an end is a symbol of eternity. Wearing a ring that has been given to you by your spouse is also a reminder of your love for them and a symbol of your commitment to them.

Wedding bands have been worn by women since ancient Egypt, but it was not until very recently that men began to wear their own wedding rings. During the Second World War, when many men were sent far away from their wives, it became customary for soldiers to wear wedding rings. This custom originated among the American soldiers who fought during this war, and it was in this country that the custom of men’s wedding rings became widespread, as men continued to choose to wear wedding bands in the post-war period. The exchange of rings between the bride and groom is now common during wedding ceremonies in many parts of the world.

In some places, it is customary for the man to wear his wedding band on his right hand. Sometimes, he will wear his wedding band on his right hand during his engagement, and then transfer it to his left hand during the wedding ceremony. It is more common, however, for the groom to receive his wedding ring during the ceremony.

Men’s wedding bands have become very popular and many grooms now choose to wear rings. This is partly because couples who are getting married want to show their mutual commitment to one another, rather than excluding the groom from this symbolic display, and partly because it has become more commonplace for men to wear wedding bands. It is no longer considered unusual for a man to wear a wedding band, and it is also much more common for men to wear other types of jewelry.

The wedding band has traditionally been a symbol of eternity, love and commitment. It was often given by a husband to his wife, partly as a guarantee of her loyalty and fidelity, and partly as a sign of his commitment to her. Wedding bands were often made out of precious metals and stones and were very expensive because of this. The husband was showing his ability to support his wife and his intention to stand by her and therefore to share his wealth with her. Today, wedding rings are worn by both partners as a sign of their commitment to their marriage and each other.