Mila Kunis opting for a classic Etsy Wedding Band


With the recent Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher marriage no one can keep their eyes off her engagement ring. But the one that is getting the most attention is her wedding band. A classic slim band is far from traditional in the world of Hollywood, but that is exactly what Mila did. She opted for a beautiful sleek wedding band from Etsy and we’re all for it!

With so many diamond bands out there we sometimes forget to look at the classic traditional bands. Don’t be put off by the “traditional” part. These bands can be customized to add a specific style or design, to match your look.


In Mila fashion here are some slim bands in all color that will definitely match your ring.

mila ring blog 1
Yellow: WRCY1.5mm-14K ,White: WRCW1.5mm-14K, Rose: WRCR1.5mm-14K

Want to add an extra touch, then add side detailing such as this milgrain print, in comfort fit.

tri color bands mila blog
Yellow: WR03MY-14K, White: WR03MW-14K, Rose: WR03MR-14K


A classic band, in any color, can add an extra pop to your engagement ring. Think about going for a comfortable chic look the next time you look up wedding bands.


7mm 18K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band

The 7mm comfort fit band is “the ultimate” thing for those looking for something that juxtaposes comfort, style and elegance. The solid 18k gold band weighs about 10 grams and the thing that impressed me most about this ring is its sleek and smart design. Talking about the design, there is accented dual Milgrain design at the top as well as the bottom of the band. This gives the ring a unique smoothness. I was amazed to see that the inside of the Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band has been designed in a way that guarantees ultimate comfort. The ring boasts of rounded edges and interior.

The product code of beautiful looking Rose Gold Comfort Fit Plain Milgrain Wedding Band 18 k gold band is SKU 7mmRm-18k. One thing that definitely I need to mention here is that the metal color of thing ring is rose. That is truly wonderful! Purchasing the ring now is a good idea as this will mean saving 33% of the cost. Though the original cost of the ring is $933.99 it can now be got for $629.99. The ring can be engraved according to the wish of the customer. The customer can choose the type of laser engraving as well. The shipping of this product is free and will take 4 to 7 business days.

18.5mm 18K Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band

Especially handmade to offer the maximum amount of detailing, the 18.5 mm 18K Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band is a class of its own. I have never come across such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in my lifetime. The elegance, the intricacy in designing will leave you astonished. Made out of 100 percent 18K Gold, the comfort fit allows the wearer to flaunt it without any hassle. The elegant design would not fail to complement any women’s dress. Not only is it tremendously gorgeous, it has been carved and built in such a way so as to provide maximum comfort.

Even the rounded edges and interiors are sleekly and smoothly designed, so that there are no issues on the wearer’s part. Even an inscription can be added to the ring, if you want one. The product code of Rose Gold Handmade Wedding Band is SKU: WR126-18K. The original price of the ring is $1033.99. But on immediate ordering, you can avail a discount of 42 percent and save as much as $434.00. So at $599.99, it is really a good deal. Within 1 to 4 business days of ordering, you will receive this majestic jewelry piece, and be ready to show it off to the rest of the world.

7mm 14K Rose Gold Comfort Fit Mailgrain Wedding Band

This 7mm ‘Comfort Fit’ band redefines comfort with style. Made of solid gold, the Rose Gold Comfort Fit Mailgrain Wedding Band weighs 10 grams only. The uniqueness of this wedding band lies in the fact that it is accented by dual Milgrain design, which is present at the top and bottom of the band. To provide maximum comfort, even the inside of the Rose Gold Comfort Fit Mailgrain Wedding Band has been designed with the utmost care. The inside of the band also possesses a rounded edge. Given an opportunity to select a ring, I’ll always choose a band of this type, because the shine and smoothness is easily noticeable. Moreover, its scores over other rings due to the fact that it has a unique ability to look beautiful.

This band is made out of 100 percent solid 14K gold and its color is Rose. Its product code is SKU: 7mmRm-14K. Preferably, it would be better off without any inscriptions or engraving. On wearing it, I feel gracefully beautiful, as the ring is so subtle, yet being so minimalistic and simple. At $599.99, it’s really a just bargain, and if you are thinking of ordering it now, you get an additional discount of 25 percent, enabling you to save $170.00. So you can have it at $429.99 only. FedEx offers free shipping, so that’s an additional advantage.