Mila Kunis opting for a classic Etsy Wedding Band


With the recent Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher marriage no one can keep their eyes off her engagement ring. But the one that is getting the most attention is her wedding band. A classic slim band is far from traditional in the world of Hollywood, but that is exactly what Mila did. She opted for a beautiful sleek wedding band from Etsy and we’re all for it!

With so many diamond bands out there we sometimes forget to look at the classic traditional bands. Don’t be put off by the “traditional” part. These bands can be customized to add a specific style or design, to match your look.


In Mila fashion here are some slim bands in all color that will definitely match your ring.

mila ring blog 1
Yellow: WRCY1.5mm-14K ,White: WRCW1.5mm-14K, Rose: WRCR1.5mm-14K

Want to add an extra touch, then add side detailing such as this milgrain print, in comfort fit.

tri color bands mila blog
Yellow: WR03MY-14K, White: WR03MW-14K, Rose: WR03MR-14K


A classic band, in any color, can add an extra pop to your engagement ring. Think about going for a comfortable chic look the next time you look up wedding bands.


18k Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands

For customers looking for something that is the proverbial “classic new” nothing can be better than this 18k Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands. This 18k wedding band that is made of yellow gold is truly a winner. I am thoroughly impressed with the classic look of the ring. I feel this ring is akin to things with the old world charm. As far as the design of the wedding band is concerned, it features the “comfort fit’. And it lives up to its “comfort fit” design tag to the tee. The ring has rounded interior and edges and this ensures ultimate comfort. The smoothness of the ring makes it the one that everyone will love to wear, I can vouch for this.

The metal color of this beautiful wedding ring is the classic and traditional yellow. The ring is 100% solid. The product code of Yellow Gold Classic Wedding bands is SKU 8mmY-18k. For those who want to buy this classic wedding band, this is the ideal time. Buying this utterly classic ring now will save $153.00. Though the actual cost of the ring is $712.99, it can now be purchased for $559.99. This means a saving of almost 21%. Once ordered the product will be shipped between 1 to 4 business days. The shipping is absolutely free.

6mm 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band

It is one of those wedding rings that I always wanted to and dreamt of possessing. The 6mm 18K Yellow Gold wedding band is the epitome of sheer genius and is a trendsetter in the market. Made out of 100 percent 18K Gold, it displays the most exquisite design and intricate level of detailing. Even the inside of the ring has been designed, featuring smooth and rounded interiors and edges, provides the ultimate feel of comfort and bliss. This wedding band has been designed in a way so as to enhance the aesthetic quality, and make it look ethereal. I was in love with the design the very day I saw it. It’s very hard to let go such an attractive piece of marvelous jewelry.

This particular ring can also bear inscriptions, if you want it to that is. A custom message can be engraved on a request. The product code of Yellow Gold Wedding Band is SKU: WR5036-18K. It is available at $699.99, which is quite affordable, after a discount of 35 percent. But it’s possible only if you order it now, so that you can save $350.00. It will be shipped to you within 1 to 4 business days, after ordering.