The World of Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum wedding bands is the highest quality and most valuable material available, it is an expression of loving commitment in its highest form. Given its special properties and traditional value, platinum wedding bands are a great choice for men. Purchasing quality wedding band rings can be one of the most exciting aspects of the marriage process.

Platinum is a grayish-white, extremely rare, precious metal. Platinum is some 30 times rarer than gold, in fact. It takes 10 tons of platinum to produce one ounce of usable material, in a process that can take over 5 months. Because of the relative rarity, the price of platinum wedding bands can be two to three time more expensive than a typical gold wedding band. Platinum wedding bands are particularly dense and heavy, usually twice as heavy as gold, making them stronger than most other rings, made with other metals. As a result, platinum diamond wedding rings are very prevalent.

The diamonds are firmly secured by the ideally durable nature of platinum and tend to survive many years of wear and tear. Our Platinum rings is 95% pure, as compared to 14K gold, which is 57% pure. Check your platinum wedding band for an authentication stamp verifying its pureness level (PLT). Platinum wedding bands, consequently, are naturally hypoallergenic. Quality Platinum Wedding Band Rings When platinum wedding bands are scratched, the resulting consequence is different than you might realize.

Most gold wedding bands will lose a piece of gold and, in turn, lose volume. Platinum wedding bands, on the other hand, are so pliable that when scratched, the platinum is simply displaced, losing practically zero volume, making your platinum wedding band ideal for the long term. The pliability of platinum is made clear in a striking analogy. One gram of platinum, stretched thin, could make a metal wire one mile long. Jewelers are able to create unique mesh and wire jewelry that could not be made with other materials. In general, platinum, is corrosion resistant. Used in various industries, ranging from the medical field to aerospace, platinum is a highly desirable commodity.

Platinum diamond wedding rings are a fascinating choice, combining the two rarest form of naturally occurring substances known today. As mentioned earlier, platinum diamond wedding band rings work well because of the sturdy nature of platinum, providing a vice like grip for complimentary diamonds. A great gift for an important anniversary, platinum diamond wedding bands can spark great excitement and adoration.

Caring for your wedding band rings is an important part in maintaining their longevity. Store your wedding bands in a dry, safe place, separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Properly insure your wedding rings. Clean your wedding bands periodically with a jewelry solution or chemically treated jewelry cloth. Have your band rings professionally cleaned every so often. Professionally polish your wedding ring bands every once in a while. Avoid wearing your wedding ring when doing yard work, cleaning, etc. Avoid contact between any harsh chemicals and your wedding band rings as they may cause some discoloration.

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