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Tungsten Wedding Bands

What's Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Tungsten carbide rings exhibits considerable strength, durability and is very popular among men. Men's tungsten carbide rings have stimulated the collective psyche of men's fashion as appreciation of superior materials, craftsmanship and modern design. Tungsten Carbide is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel and practicably unscratchable. These properties have made tungsten carbide a leading candidate in use with military, sports equipment and machine tools. Tungsten rings are also heavier than titanium. Men's tungsten carbide rings compliment masculinity.

Forged in over 6000 degrees F, tungsten carbide wedding bands are made with the hardest metal available in jewelry today. Polished with special tools to a scratch resistant mirror finish, tungsten carbide rings will hold their shine permanently. Available in various hues ranging from black tungsten rings to gun metal grey men's tungsten jewelry prove diverse in design. At Wedding Rings Depot we feature men's tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands in a number of styles including gold inlays with grooves, faceted surfaces, high polish and matte finishes.

At Wedding Rings Depot, we offer engraving services with our tungsten rings. Although tungsten is an extremely hard metal it is susceptible to lasers for engraving purposes. Tungsten carbide rings in general are incapable of being re-sized.

Our rings are also cobalt free. Cobalt can be used in the formulation of tungsten and can cause skin irritation in some cases. Our rings use nickel resulting in a hypoallergenic product. In the case of an emergency, should you be unable to remove your tungsten ring, you may consider cracking the ring with the use of heavy duty pliers and a vice grip. Please seek professionals in such a case. Browse through our gallery of tungsten carbide rings. See our collection of rings ranging from black tungsten wedding bands to grooved yellow gold inlays.

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