Procedure for LAYAWAY

Layaway is an installment payment. Payment duration can be chosen from 3 to 12 months. A PayPal account is needed, where it bills monthly installments until the total has been paid. Items are shipped within 2 business days after completion of payment. Only a 6.5% layaway fee added to total, there are no interest or added fees. The layaway may be cancelled upon notice and a full refund less the layaway fee will be paid back. Below are the steps to pay in layaway:

STEP 1 Add product to CART, go to shopping cart and click on the "START A LAYAWAY BUTTON"

STEP 2 Choose how many months you want to pay off, shortest is at 3 months and longest at 12 months. The approximate monthly payment is shown. When done click sign in to PayPal

STEP 3 The page will jump to the PayPal Sign in page. You may create an account when needed. After you choosing youy payment method and confirming, you will be directed back to wedding rings depot checkout page

STEP 4 Wedding Rings Depot checkout page, make sure to fill out the necessary fields: Billing Information, Shipping Information, Deliver Method

STEP 5 Under the payment information make sure to choose "LAYAWAY"

STEP 6 You will have to confirm your order at checkout. Paypal will deduct first month payment, and bill monthly the same amount until completion.